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Give us a call or email us for questions regarding scheduling! We would love to help your student reach their fullest academic potential!

We Offer:

Academic Remediation


Our qualified team of Learning Specialists work one-on-one with students to identify areas where we can make progress. Our Learning Specialists often "go back in time" to find where the student's struggles began, and we begin building those lacking fundamental skills. This is an effective way to create life-long changes rather than quick fix tutoring. 

Next Step:

Give us a call so that we can find out more about your student and how we can help them succeed! We will gather information and make the best fit with one of our Learning Specialists to help your child have the best school year yet!​

+ Common Core Math - GoMath, Eureka Math

+ ABEKA math program
+ Reading Comprehension
+ Science and Social Studies
+ Writing Skills
+ Study Skills, Test Prep, and More!


Barton System for Reading and Spelling

This is the fastest growing area of our business! We have trained Learning Specialists available to work with students in the Barton System for Reading and Spelling. This program is designed to teach students with dyslexia how to read and spell by using explicit rules through a multi-sensory program.

+ 18 month program (minimum)

+ 2x weekly (minimum)

+ Orton-Gillingham influenced

+ Supports Common Core
+ Flexible scheduling after school
+ Certified, experienced Specialists


Fun Workshops


Mire Learning Center also offers fun, educational workshops periodically throughout the year to help supplement learning in an exciting, hands-on way! Our Learning Specialists develop these programs to help students experience the fun side of learning, with academic goals in mind. We are always open to suggestions for topics!


+ STEM workshops

+ The Basics of Writing
+ School Skills



Assessments and Screeners

About Assessments​​:

An Educational Assessment is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of students, identify areas where students need improvement, and suggest interventions and accommodations to be used at home and school in order to best serve the student’s needs.  We have two plans to offer students.

Basic Assessment:

+ Focuses on literacy strengths and weaknesses

+ Reading Inventory

+ Fluency Assessment

+ Vocabulary

+ Report including analysis of results, area of focus, and intervention suggestions

Comprehensive Assessment:

+ All of the Basic Assessment items

+ Oral Language skills

+ Auditory Perceptual skills

+ Sensory Sensitivity

+ Verbal Comprehension

+ Reasoning

+ Visual-motor skills

+ Additional assessments may be included based on findings

About Screeners:

A screening is used to determine if there is sufficient evidence of a range of problems that could be affecting a student’s capabilities. While it is not a medical diagnosis, it can indicate whether further medical testing should be pursued. The collected data are analyzed, interpreted, and compared to various charts to determine if a problem exists. We offer the School Age Behavioral Screening (Ages 6-18)

Screeners and Assessments can indicate the following:

+ Anxiety or Depressive


+ Aggression

+ Conduct Concerns
+ Dyslexia

+ Dyscalculia
+ Memory Processing Disabilities

+ Math Learning Disabilities

+ Oppositional Defiance Problems (ODD)

+ Reading Learning Disabilities

+ Rule Breaking

+ Social Concerns

+ Somatic Complaints

+ So Much More!

ACT Test Prep


We offer ACT Prep for students needing support on where to start all the way through to those who need a little boost on their scores. You can choose from the following options:

+ One-on-one sessions (dedicated to the student's weaknesses)

+ Full ACT Practice Test Simulation (created to have the student become familiar with the test taking environment. A full, detailed score report provided to parents/students). 

+ Subject Practice Simulation (created to allow the student practice with timing and familiarity with their weakest ACT sections). 

Helpful Tip:

It takes about 10 hours of work dedicated to the ACT to improve scores for 1-2 points. Students must work independently and implement the skills we teach them in order to see results!

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