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Teachers Notice Improvement

"Mire Learning Center has helped Cami tremendously this year. Cami was barely passing science at the beginning of the year and now has A’s. Her teacher is sending home notes on her tests saying she is doing amazing!"

Terin G.

"Mire Learning Center has helped Brinxlee have a boost in confidence. Her reading and math skills have excelled tremendously! Thank you!"

-Meesha C.

"Colin’s grades have risen, he is more confident, and his ability to comprehend lessons has improved!"

-Mike C.

"Mire Learning Center has helped my oldest daughter strengthen her skills and also helped her confidence.


My youngest daughter just started there also. My girl’s love to go there and love their teachers. They truly care about my daughters."

-Nicole P. 

"These are the best people you will ever meet. Great with kids. My son loves them and loves their tutoring. We are forced to use school tutoring program right now and he begs everyday to go back to Mire learning. As soon as school tutoring is done he will be going to Mire. It’s great and they are great!"

-Erin D.

"I have noticed an increase in Jace’s self-confidence since he started at Mire Learning Center! Mrs. Crystal is a jewel and is very patient with him. Thank you!"

-Misty C.

"Mire Learning Center fostered independence and creative thinking in formation of study skills. Despite challenges not related to tutoring, he made improvements! Thank you!"

-Karen S.

"Mire Learning Center has helped Carter tremendously. He is more confident when reading out loud. His grades went from D’s and F’s to high C’s and above!"

- Ashley D.

"Jordan got another A on a Math test today!! Scoring 52/54!! That's 2 in a week. We haven't seen grades this good all year in Math. He adores Ms. Culpepper and everyone at Mire. We are so blessed to be a part of this learning center."

- Stacy F.

     My daughter started struggling in school after the first quarter when they moved from reviewing Kindergarten skills to learning new skills in Reading, and Language. I was very afraid she would miss those core skills that would effect her each grade she would move to. I decided to give the center a try, because nothing my husband and I were doing was helping. Crystal stayed on the phone with me for over an hour. She listened, she made notes, she gave me suggestions, and was so patient with me. I cannot say enough about her compassion and desire to help each child that steps foot in her center.

     Estelle has brought up her grades, and has grown confidence in reading. I love the creative way that Crystal works with each child based on their learning skills and adjusts accordingly. She has guided us through an ADHD evaluation, implementing
medication, and then a change of medication. She has truly made an impact in our daughter’s life.

     Estelle is excited to go each week and I can’t thank Crystal enough for being that listening ear, and understanding how stressful, and the defeating feeling parents get when they just cannot help their child with their studies.


Thank you Crystal. Our family is grateful for your center and the services you provide to our community.

- Ryan, Kelly, and Estelle B.

"Mire Learning Center helped my son a lot this year. They focused on reading more, and he learned to read at a grade level higher."

-Tonya C.

"Mire Learning Center has helped me in my confidence, and my grades have been improving. We love all the Learning Specialists, we can trust y’all."

-Emma P.

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