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Mire Learning Center is ready!

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A Different Approach

We use academic remediation to identify, target and develop academic needs to best support your child. Our experts help your child build knowledge and skills to succeed on their own through one-on-one support.

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"These are the best people you will ever meet. Great with kids. My son loves them and.."



About Us:

Mire Learning Center was created to help students to succeed by teaching them necessary skills and knowledge at their individual pace. Over time, we have developed into a growing community of students and educators that work together to achieve success! 

The Beginnings:

Our Services:


Effective, one-on-one sessions that help students reach their academic potential.



We administer assessments and screeners to discover what your student needs.

Test Prep &


We provide assistance with preparing for midterms, finals, ACT, and more! Check out all of our services by clicking below.

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