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Mire Learning Center is 2020-2021 ready!

Now Offering:

-Virtual Tutoring

-Homeschool Support

-Study Hall Plus+

All Ages

All Subjects

All Year Long!

Take your evenings back.

Schedule Today!

Be Your Own

Best Teacher:

A Different Approach

We use academic remediation - not tutoring - to discover the learning style that works best for your child. Our experts help your child build knowledge and skills to succeed on their own through one-on-one support.

"These are the best people you will ever meet. Great with kids. My son loves them and.."



About Us:

Mire Learning Center was created to help students to succeed by teaching them necessary skills and knowledge at their individual pace. Over time, we have developed into a growing community of students and educators that work together to achieve success! 

The Beginnings:

Our Services:



Effective, one-on-one sessions that help students reach their academic potential.



We administer assessments and screeners to discover what your student needs.

Workshops &


Fun, educational workshops designed to teach students about STEM concepts, writing, & much more!

Test Prep &


We provide assistance with preparing for midterms, finals, ACT, and more! Check out all of our services by clicking below.

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